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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salina Wali Khan Ready for striptease if Jan Lokpal bill isn’t passed ?

Salina Wali Khan Hot Stills ready for striptease if Jan Lokpal bill isn’t passed ?
Salina Wali Khan a Delhi-based super hot and ultra sexy model and actress is now making her way into huge headlines.Salina Wali Khan ready for striptease if Jan Lokpal bill isn’t passed!

Model Salina Wali Khan cliams that she will dance unclothed if the government doesn’t pass the Jan Lokpal Bill proposed by terrific crusader Anna Hazare and his team, as she also claims she too is a victim of corruption. Folks are stepping out with their own ways of showing unity with Anna. This Delhi hot girl Salina Wali Khan has joined the fray as well. Salina has said that she will dance dress-less show as she is a victim of corruption and is behind Anna Hazare now who is sitting on strike at Ramlila Maidan for this very cause. She stamps on the table and says that it is Not for publicity or any Stunt. SalinaWaliKhan is with Anna for not gaining publicity, unlike other models who make controversial claims for grabbing attention with the hot show. Salina also has unfair treatment against Delhi cops, she claims has not paid attention towards her complaint. She accused the police of ignoring against a female model, who claimed threatened her over the phone of making an obscene video. Delhi police turned down to take action on her complaint and she turned a victim.


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