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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IISER Autonomous Institution Now - All Graduates to Get Formal Degrees

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From now Students of IISER will get formal degree certificates. The first batch of the integrated five-year BS-MS dual degree programme passed out this year, but with provisional degree certificates in hand. As per National Institute of Technology Amendment Act, 2010, to include all five IISERs as an autonomous institution of national importance. The first batch graduates feared that provisional certificates would not be recognized by universities abroad, but now they are relieved. The decision was comesout after pending in Parliament for the past two years.

Since IISERs are national institutes like the IITs, Parliament first needs to pass an act to enable them to award degrees to students. In case of state universities, the state assembly has to pass an act. Each IISER will now be autonomous and each one of them will have the liberty to design its course and curriculum. Except for few administrative rules, for instance, transfer of a student from one IISER to another, all academic rules will be framed by the respective IISER.


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